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Dangers of DIY Pest Control: When to Call the Experts

Every property owner dreads a pest infestation. When it happens some take matters into their own hands because they consider it easier, cheaper, and they can choose the products to use on their property.

However, when it comes to dealing with pests, a DIY intervention often proves futile and may even do more harm than good. 

Here are a few potential hazards of DIY pest control.

Underestimating the Pest Infestation

The first big hazard is underestimating the problem. DIY pest control focuses on the pests you can see rather than the source of the problem. If you spot pests on your countertop, they’ve probably been around for a while and have built a nest behind a wall or somewhere under your property. 

Attempting to deal with the pests by yourself only allows the pest invasion to get worse, further risking your health and property. You need experts who know where to look, what to look for, and the tools they need to remove the pests completely.

Applying the Wrong Solution

To effectively get rid of pests, you need to utilize the right intervention and apply it correctly. And since every pest requires a customized approach for total eradication, some DIY solutions may work on some pests and not others. 

While some of the products like pesticides may seem easy to use, you may not know the actual measurement required to work effectively. And for some stubborn pests like cockroaches, termites, and bedbugs, you will find yourself trying to fix the problem with different products with no success. Pest control experts have the right knowledge and skills to utilize the right solution and eradicate any bothersome pest. 

Improper Handling of Chemicals

DIY pest control products contain harsh chemicals that are designed to exterminate pests completely. If handled incorrectly, they can pollute the indoor air exposing your family and pets to common household pesticide poisoning through ingestion or inhalation.

Some wrong applications can also lead to dangerous accidents. In the case of stinging insects, rodents, and spiders, you may expose yourself to dangerous bites and stings. Professionals can handle chemicals correctly while maintaining high standards of safety for your family. 

Risk to the Environment

Poor application and storage of chemical solutions can also leak into the soil and contaminate groundwater supplies, vegetable gardens, and the lawn exposing you to a myriad of health issues like respiratory issues, and skin and eye irritation. 

Improper use of pest control products can also harm the environment. Some pesticides can affect beneficial insects like honey bees and butterflies. If installed incorrectly, traps and nets can affect non-target species that pose no harm to your property. Engaging pest control experts ensures that the pests are eliminated safely without affecting your property’s greenery or other beneficial animals and pets.

Property Structure Damage

Many DIY pest control solutions can cause damage including spotting and staining to paint, wallpaper, and siding. Pest control professionals undertake the necessary precautions to keep your property safe during and after treatment.

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