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The Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

A green and healthy lawn makes every property look beautiful. However, when you’re up against pests, weeds, soil issues, and harsh weather conditions, keeping your lawn in good shape can get difficult. To take away the tedious lawn care work, many property owners turn to lawn fertilization.

But is lawn fertilizer really worthwhile? 

Read on to find the benefits of professional lawn fertilization for your lawn.

Nutrient Replacement

A healthy lawn depends on the quality of the soil. Over time, the soil loses important nutrients it needs to facilitate growth. A lawn fertilizer can help to replace these nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. If you want a lush and healthy lawn, maintaining the soil balance through fertilization is the best solution. 

Weed Control

Some fertilizers may carry weed-killing components but a majority do not help with weed control. However, when you consistently take care of your lawn (mowing and watering) and fertilize the lawn at the right time, the grass grows stronger and more resilient root systems. The grass can outcompete weeds naturally to retain the nutrients it needs for sustainable growth.   

Improved Overall Growth

Nothing is more frustrating than having a patch of lush grass on one part of the lawn and the proverbial bald spot right in the middle. It makes the entire lawn look unkempt. This is often caused by uneven distribution of nutrients in the soil. Fertilizers help to rebalance the soil facilitating even and faster grass growth.

Note that uneven fertilizer distribution can also cause uneven growth. So, it’s probably best if you allow professionals to calibrate how much fertilizer different parts of your lawn need for the best results. 

Better Disease Resistance

A healthy lawn requires the right amount of water, sunlight, and fertilizer to thrive. When all these factors are in the right proportion, the grass grows thicker and develops stronger disease resistance. When any of the factors are missing, the vegetation becomes stressed and more prone to disease. 

Soil Protection

As plants and grass grow, they take up the nutrients from the soil which can lead to runoff. Lawn fertilizer replenishes the nutrients which in turn facilitates thick and healthy grass growth. A thick turf holds the soil in place preventing runoff and erosion to wind and rain. Additionally, well-nourished grass protects the organic matter-producing microorganisms that improve soil structure and health.

Promotes Air Quality

A healthy lawn captures and breaks down air pollutants like dust and allergens keeping the air clean, cool, and healthy. Not forgetting that green grass is efficient at producing more oxygen which is good for your family’s health. A lawn fertilizer can help maintain this healthy environmental balance for your family.

Contact Colling Professional Services for Quality Lawn Care Services

As you can see, lawn fertilization is a worthwhile investment, but only if done right. Our lawn experts at Colling Professional Services have the knowledge and resources to analyze your needs and provide the lawn care solutions you need to maintain a healthy, green, and lush lawn. Contact us today for a free quote.

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