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The Top 5 Benefits of Professional Tree Disease Control Services

Trees form a big part of any beautiful landscape. But as with all living things, they are susceptible to disease. When you first notice signs of disease on your trees, you may be confused about the next steps to take. That’s where professional tree disease control experts come in handy.

Here are the key benefits you stand to gain when you engage professional tree disease control services.

1.   They Offer Correct Diagnosis and Treatment

Tree disease professionals have extensive knowledge about local tree varieties and the common infestations and diseases in your area. Using their invaluable experience, they can diagnose the disease and provide the best treatment plans to save the trees where possible.

Treatment solutions may include fungal and pesticide treatments or pruning of the affected branches. The treatment method they recommend will save you time, money, and your beloved trees in the long run.

2.   They Help Prevent the Spread of Disease

Well-designed and timely treatment is critical for successful tree disease control. Since some diseases like root disease and borer infestations are known to spread quickly and kill trees in one to three years, tree professionals can help you identify the problem and put in place measures to prevent the spread of the disease to other healthy trees and plants in your yard.

3.   They Provide Viable Alternatives When Treatment is Not an Option

Sometimes, the disease may have compromised the structural integrity of the tree and no treatment can salvage it. Additionally, the risk of spreading the disease to neighboring trees and causing other pest infestations on your property may outweigh the standard treatment benefits.

In such instances, the tree professionals can provide alternatives like safe tree removal to effectively control the situation. The good news is that they have the knowledge and skills to remove and burn the affected tree without causing additional concerns.

4.   They Help Protect the Integrity of Your Property

A diseased tree is a potential hazard in many ways especially, if it’s already dead. Apart from becoming an eyesore and turning into a home for pests like termites and rats, a diseased tree can also cause costly property damage.

Over time, the roots can pull up and the branches or the entire tree could fall on your home or worse, cause injury to your family members. Tree experts can offer timely and safe tree removal services to guarantee the protection of your property and family.

5.   They Offer Future Tree Disease Preventative Measures              

As always, prevention is better than cure. Tree professionals not only assist you in fighting diseases, but they can also help you to keep them away for good. Regular maintenance measures like providing customized care for each tree species, proper pruning and watering practices, deep root fertilization, and regular monitoring for stress and disease can go a long way in promoting the long-term health of your trees.

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Have you noticed signs of disease on your trees? The disease control experts at Colling Professional Services are the team you need to solve the problem permanently. We offer customized and effective tree disease control services at affordable rates. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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