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Sprinkler System Installation & Repair

A lush green lawn is always an impressive sight and no matter how you feel, you can’t help but smile. However, maintaining a beautiful lawn highly depends on your dedication, effort, and good watering system. For decades, property owners have turned to sprinkler systems as it’s an easy and convenient way to keep the lawn healthy all through the year.

Affordable Sprinkler System Installation & Repair Services

Watering a lawn using the traditional hose can be time-consuming and painstaking work. Dragging the hose from one corner to the other and missing out on the hard-to-reach places often leads to an unsightly and dull-looking lawn.

But maintaining a lawn doesn’t have to be a headache. A sprinkler system offers the perfect solution to help keep your lawn thriving all year round as it provides the right amount of water while saving you time and money. The regulated watering system also prevents water wastage, weed growth, and soil erosion.

If you would like your lawn to look better than ever, contact our experienced team at Colling Professional Services. We are dedicated to providing high-quality sprinkler system installation and repair services that meet your unique needs.

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Sprinkler System Installation & Repair From Colling Professional Services

Over 2500+ property owners around Idaho Falls have trusted Colling Professional Services to install and repair their sprinkler systems for over 18 years.

We are known for our unique expertise, personalized customer services, attention to detail, and top-notch customer service.

With our keen attention to detail and personalized customer service, we can help you choose the right sprinkler system that meets your needs. When it comes to installation, our highly trained experts go above and beyond to make sure your sprinkler system lasts and it helps you to achieve all your outdoor dreams.

WIf your sprinkler system encounters some problems, you can count on us for efficient and lasting repairs. With our extensive troubleshooting experience that’s second to none, we are confident that there is no problem we can’t fix in time for the next lawn watering schedule.

You deserve a beautiful lawn that lets you enjoy the outdoors anytime with your family. At Colling Professional Services, we are ready to help you install the latest sprinkler system or repair your broken system for convenient and efficient lawn care. Contact us today for sprinkler system services that go beyond your expectations.

Benefits of Working With Colling Professional Services

Extensive Experience

Our team leader, Tim Colling has over 18 years of experience in sprinkler system installation and repair on any type of landscape.

Courteous and Respectful Service

We treat you with courtesy and respect throughout the project because we believe you deserve the best customer service.

Timely Service

After contacting us, we immediately dispatch sprinkler technicians for timely installations and lasting repairs.

Affordable Service

We offer our quality services at affordable rates that’ll fit your budget.

Client Followup

We are always ready to make a follow-up on your sprinkler installation and to attend to any concerns you may have. Colling Professional Services is your dependable and trustworthy partner for high-quality sprinkler system installation and repairs in Idaho Falls. Contact us today to enjoy exceptional and pocket-friendly sprinkler system services that will give you peace of mind.

Why Choose Us

Here’s just a few of the many reasons to work with us

Our Sprinkler System Installation Process
  • Property assessment 
  • Sprinkler system design
  • Sprinkler system and timer installation
  • System testing
  • Client follow up
Our Sprinkler System Repair Process
  • Briefing with Client
  • Problem Identification
  • Repair
  • Client follow up
sprinkler installation and repair in idaho falls

Sprinkler Installation & Repair FAQs

How much does it cost to install a sprinkler system in Idaho Falls?

The cost may vary depending on the total watering area and the water system on your property. Generally though, a new installation cost ranges between $1,500 to $3,500.

Can you install a sprinkler system yourself?

Installing a sprinkler system is hard work especially if you don’t have the latest equipment to perform line locates and the skills to manage the underground infrastructure. We would highly recommend that you engage professionals to do it for you.

How much does sprinkler repair cost in Idaho Falls?

The average cost of sprinkler repairs is $65 to $400. The cost varies depending on the type and system size, the scope of the problem, the parts, and the repair service required.

When to repair a sprinkler system?

These are the common signs that you need a sprinkler repair:

  • Loss of water pressure
  • Inactive sprinkler zones
  • Leaking water lines
  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Broken or loose pipes

How long do sprinkler systems last?

Generally, a well-maintained sprinkler system can last between 15 - 20 years. It may only require repairs from time to time.

Lawn Care Services

Over 2500+ property owners around Idaho Falls have trusted Colling Professional Services to install and repair their sprinkler systems for over 18 years.
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