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Hornet and Wasp Control in Idaho Falls

Hornets and wasps play a vital role in our environment but they can pose a threat when they build too close to your home or business. While hornets and wasps tend to sting when they perceive a threat, they can keep you from enjoying your outdoor space. Over time, a large infestation can also cause property damage.
Handling the insects by yourself is extremely dangerous. Hornets and wasps act aggressively toward humans who come close to their nests by stinging once or repeatedly leaving itchy and painful red welts. Although the stings are often mild, sometimes they may result in allergic reactions that require urgent medical attention.
Since hornets and wasps are common in Idaho Falls, it’s important to keep an eye out for their nests near trash cans, trees, and gardens around your home.
The insects can also cause unsafe conditions in businesses as they are known to invade outdoor meals in restaurants and schools. When you notice a hornet or wasp nest, you need to engage pest control professionals for fast and safe eradication.

Colling Professional Services is your trusted local expert for effective hornet and wasp control for homes and businesses in Idaho Falls. We have the skills and expertise to implement timely and efficient removal of stinging insects and their nests on your property without disrupting your routine.

We are committed to going out of our way to make your home or workspace safe for your loved ones or employees.

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What You Can Expect From Us

Fast Response

When it comes to stinging insects, time is of the essence. Upon contacting us, we immediately dispatch our team to help you safely remove the insects away from your home or workplace.

Local Expert Services

With over 18 years of experience in the pest control industry, there is no hornet or wasp infestation too big for us. We have the expertise to conduct a thorough property inspection, identify, and safely remove the insects.

Customized Control Plans

We formulate a removal process that is customized for the exact insect species, location, and size of the nest. We can also make special arrangements for businesses such as completing the process during off-peak hours to minimize disruption.

Safe and Humane Removal

Our team is committed to implementing hornet or wasp removal using humane methods while maintaining the safety of your loved ones or customers.

Affordable Services


We offer our hornet and wasp control services at competitive rates so you can get the help you need when you need it. Talk to us and together, we can formulate a plan that fits your budget. Our initial consultation is free!

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Contact Colling Professional Services for Effective Hornet and Wasp Control Services in Idaho Falls

Do not attempt to handle a stinging insect nest by yourself and risk exposing your loved ones or employees to painful stings and potentially severe allergic reactions.
Talk to our specialists for professional hornet or wasp removal services anywhere in Idaho Falls. A hornet or wasp infestation can’t wait!


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