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Many birds in Idaho Falls are considered beautiful and generally non-invasive. However, certain groups of birds such as pigeons and starlings can easily become a nuisance. Large flocks of birds are not only an eyesore but their large heaps of poop can corrode the roof leading to expensive repairs.
Even worse, if the birds nest near your HVAC unit, their pest-laden feathers can circulate in your home exposing you to over 60 diseases including Salmonella and other serious fungal infections.
You may prefer to mitigate the pest problem through regular cleaning and roof maintenance, but it may all prove tedious and expensive in the long run leaving you frustrated. To effectively deal with the bird infestation, you need to engage professional pest control services with the right knowledge and experience.

Colling Professional Services is here to help.

We offer the best and most effective bird/pigeon control in Idaho Falls. We employ customized and safe mitigation techniques to solve your bird problems on your property once and for all.

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What You Can Expect From Us

Quick Response Time

When you contact us, we immediately dispatch our experts to provide the help you need to reclaim your property from the pesky birds.

Custom Bird Mitigation Approach

We utilize proven techniques designed to mitigate specific types of birds to ensure they don’t nest on your property again.

High Rate of Success

Our bird control methods carry a 100% success rate as the birds immediately relocate to other locations.

Safe Mitigation Techniques

We utilize humane methods of controlling birds that are safe for other non-target species and pets.

Cost-effective Bird Control
Our bird control methods provide a long-term solution that’s affordable and sustainable.  
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For more information about Bird/Pigeon Control, please feel free to give us a call.

Sometimes bird populations can get out of hand to the point where they start causing property damage. That’s where we come in. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why are birds roosting on my roof?

The birds choose to perch on your roof because it provides:

  • Safety from predators
  • Safety for building nests
  • A good food source
  • Warm shelter in wet and cold weather conditions

Can I get rid of the birds by myself?

DIY bird control methods are time-consuming and expensive and may give you less than satisfactory results. In our experience, each bird species requires specialized skills and custom mitigation approaches for the best results.

How much does bird/pigeon control cost?

The cost of bird control service depends on the extent of the infestation and the services required to make your property inhospitable to the birds. Request your free estimate with us to know the actual cost of the service.

Are your bird mitigations safe for the birds?

Yes. We utilize environmentally-safe bird control methods that are designed to deter the birds from nesting on your property.

How do I get rid of a bird infestation?

To safely remove the birds from your property, it's best to work with a local pest control company with expertise in bird control.

Contact Colling Professional Services for Effective Bird Control Services in Idaho Falls

Whether it’s a flock of starlings or pigeons or any other bird pest, our professionals at Colling Professional Services are dedicated to solving your bird problem and working with you to prevent a future invasion.

Contact us today and let’s control that bird situation.

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