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Idaho Falls Tree Care Specialists

Home and property owners throughout Idaho Falls sometimes neglect the health of their trees until they begin to face a problem like an overgrowth or poor tree health. But most issues like this can be avoided with regular tree care and this is what Colling Professional Services is here to provide.

If you are facing issues with the trees on your residential or commercial property, call in the experts to lend a hand. We have 18+ years of experience in providing top-rated tree care to local properties at a competitive price. Read on to learn more about our special brand of tree care.  

Benefits of Professional Tree Care in Idaho Falls  

At Colling the health and life of your trees is our number one concern and we have many methods of cultivating trees for beauty, shade, fruit, blossoms, noise reduction, or any other purpose the trees on your property serve.

Here are some of the benefits of our reputable services: 

Better health and longer life — your trees will enjoy better health if they are properly trimmed as they grow. Pruning unhealthy parts of the tree allows your tree to focus its health in a single direction. This allows them to grow taller and more beautiful.

Beautiful Trees — a tree growing in a landscaped garden can be trimmed and cultivated to grow specially and fill a certain spot. This can greatly enhance the beauty of your landscaping and prevent overgrowth or an imbalanced look.

Control — trees that are left to grow unchecked could grow right into the power lines or into neighboring buildings. We can help prevent this from happening by trimming your tree to grow in a specific direction. Proper trimming can also enhance specific qualities of your tree like greater shade, dust control, more fruit, or better blossoms.

Why Choose Us

If you are going to have a professional performing work on your trees, don’t trust any chainsaw-swinging amateur. It takes skills and processes to do this right. Here is why you should choose us for all your tree care needs.

Bonded and Licensed — we have the proper licenses and insurance coverage for our work. This means that anything that happens while we are on the job will not be held liable to your insurance policy.

Professional Arborist — we have a “tree doctor” on our team to provide advice. If you are looking at a dead or dying tree, we might be able to restore it to life and beauty.

Experienced professionals — we have many years of doing business in the local area. Call us up to find out why we are Idaho Falls’ preferred tree service.

 If you are looking at your trees and wondering what can be done to improve their health, control their growth, or improve their looks, call us today. Call (208) 881-5089 today to get a FREE estimate for your project.

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