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5 Ways to Care For Your Landscape

A landscape can do wonders for any home. It not only provides beauty and color to your property, but also offers your family a space to relax and unwind.

However, to access the numerous benefits of a landscape, you need to adopt a consistent maintenance routine. And it’s no easy feat. But when you know the important tasks that will keep your landscape looking good all year, it becomes a more enjoyable experience to help your landscape flourish.

Here are the top five ways to keep your landscape healthy and looking great.

1. Lawn Mowing

Your lawn probably takes up the largest space on your landscape which means keeping it tidy is paramount. Regularly mowing your lawn allows the healthiest grass blades to grow and multiply for a more uniform look. Incorporate proper mowing techniques like using a sharp mower blade, cutting no more than a third of the grass blade, and mowing in the right weather to maintain a pristine and beautiful lawn.

2. Pruning

Pruning the trees and shrubs is one of the best things you can do to care for your landscape. By removing the unwanted branches, you stimulate new growth improving their long-term health. You can also take the opportunity to occasionally reshape them in a way that gives your landscape a clean and polished look. Keep in mind that you need to research the best times and pruning styles for all the different plant species in your landscape.

3. Weeding

Weeds are your landscape’s worst enemy. They steal nutrients from your grass and plants and gradually overtake your landscape. To keep them away, you may want to start with mulching. It helps to suppress weeds by blocking their access to breakthrough and sunlight. But for better results, you need to incorporate professional pre-and post-emergent treatments. Finally, signing up for a landscaping maintenance program will help you stay ahead of the weeds all year round.

4. Plant Care

Your plants need continuous care to keep them healthy and looking their best. Practices like fertilization and pest treatment services can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful landscape. Applying fertilizer to your smaller plants, trees, and bushes helps them to grow brighter blossoms, greener foliage, and sometimes even bloom for longer. If there is any insect or pest issue, it’s best to have it treated quickly to avoid plant damage.

5. Proper Watering

Water is a vital component in maintaining a luscious landscape. However, you should incorporate efficient watering techniques to avoid under or over-watering your grass and plants. Grouping plants with similar water needs, utilizing a drip irrigation system, and skipping watering when it rains not only promotes better grass and plant growth but also saves you high water bills.

Keep a Healthy Landscape With Colling Professional Services

Do all these landscape care routines feel overwhelming? Allow our landscape experts at Colling Professionals to take care of your landscaping needs. We have the skills and experience to keep your landscape green and beautiful all year. Contact us today to get your free quote.

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